As a brand, you cannot ignore any longer voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Thanks to them, consumers can interact with you using voice on their mobile or at home talking to their home speakers.

This has given birth to the voice bot (aka voicebot) opportunity for brands!


But…voice bots are not just for smart speakers

And while smart speakers are the fastest growing device category in history, users can also access your voicebot from their mobile phone when talking to Google Assistant, or directly when on your website. As well as by talking to their smart TVs or to their cars, and soon to a very diverse set of smart objects inside and outside of home!

It’s worth bearing in mind that currently 25% of all requests on mobile are vocal, expected to reach 50% by 2020 (Google)

We are a voice bot expert agency

Oh my Bot!, our agency, can help you design voice bot to suit your needs.

A good start is to let us help you implement your FAQ as a voice bot on your website as well as on Amazon Alexa and Googla Assistant. Our technology lets us do it all at once smoothly. You only need to share with us your list of FAQ, we’ll then work using machine learning to identify all the possible ways people may express the intent contained in these questions.

Our technology can also find out when a user wan

ts to be put in touch with a human: it will then notify the designated persons or service on your end using whatever way is the most convenient for you, via a direct email or through your CRM platform.

And that’s just the start, many other features can be added at first or over time to the voice bot : customer service, voice commerce, recruitment, among others.

Have a voice bot project or idea in mind ? Make sure to send us an email at so we can discuss its feasibility together!