How Therapy Chatbots have the Potential to Transform Psychology

Chatbots have been paramount in advancing countless industries through the modern era of technology and social media. Companies have used them to ensure round-the-clock customer interaction and service but their true revolutionary leap lies in their work in the psychology sector. Chatbots are certainly not a replacement for human interaction, but they are an essential always-available resource, which isn’t always the case for human practitioners.

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The Verdict Is In – Millennials Love Chatbots

Chatbots are no strangers to the world of artificial intelligence. Since its introduction, companies are always finding ways to innovate the functions and capabilities of Chatbots. Which brings us to the question? Who actually use Chatbots?

The answer is pretty obvious. It is the tech savvy youth i.e millennials. They are active participants on anything and everything on the internet. And it is no surprise that they’ve embraced chatbots with open arms.

A survey conducted by Retale states that nearly 60% of US millennials have interacted with a chatbot before. And the remaining 40% said they’d be happy to engage with a bot soon. The survey found that millennials were highly responsive to retail bots and it helped them increase their e-commerce purchases. 67% of the people surveyed said they are more likely to purchase products/services from a brand/company using a chatbot. Whereas, only a meagre 14% were not interested to make purchases via bots.

We’ve also noticed that plenty of e-commerce companies are trying to create a smart shopper bot that will be able to help users throughout the purchase process. Bots are used to send alerts of sales/discounts, reminders for sales/discounts. Certain bots can even help you find products by studying your requirements. With these innovations, online shopping has become a piece of cake for millennials and they’re not ready to stop anytime soon!