Case Study : Clean & Clear partners with KRDS Singapore to launch skin expert Chatbot for teens

Clean & Clear is a prominent skin-care company that is known for their affordable line of dermatology products. Its products are available in 46 countries and cater mainly to young women.

The brand wanted to establish themselves as the go to skin expert for teens. They wanted to leverage the digital medium to help achieve their goal in an innovative manner. We set out to find a way to reach the teens in a platform they love to use, Facebook!

This led to the creation of Kimi, a friendly chatbots for teens. She was like a big sister who could answer any skin related issue but also knew how to have fun. She was someone that every teenager could relate to and connect with. Kim was introduced as a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


 How does it work?

Here’s how Kimi managed to capture the hearts of over 30,000 teens.

Kimi asks the user a few questions to understand the skin type, skin problems and the age group. Post this assessment, she lets the user pick the issues he/she is facing, like pimples, oilyness,dull or dry skin. Once the user has chosen a skin problem, Kimi immediately offers useful tips and solutions to overcome this issue.


But it does not end there. She even recommends the right C&C products that’ll help tackle different problems and also offered vouchers to the users.

But all work and no play would make Kimi a dull bot. So, she was also configured with some cool features. Selfie Soundtrack is a feature where where the user’s selfie is analyzed to determine their current mood (happy, sad, angry) using Google Vision API. Once the mood was determined, Kimi picks and plays a song according to the user’s mood using the Spotify API.

The chatbot campaign was immensely successful and resulted in 30,000 user interactions. Out of these, around 25,000 users have opted for ongoing skin care tips. The bot was able to offer 20,000 promo codes, of which, 11,000 were redeemed by users.

The bot can be accessed through Messenger.

Hong Kong Disneyland confirmed as Marvel’s Asia epicenter

Successful digital campaign confirmed Hong Kong Disneyland as Marvel’s Asia epicenter with a Messenger Chat Bot dedicated to the agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Marvel Superhero experience featuring the famous Iron Man, Captain America and Spiderman was a successful campaign promoted by an innovative digital experience where users could establish a personal connect to the Marvel characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland roped in Social & Mobile Agency KRDS Hong Kong to develop a Marvel Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

This messenger Chatbot  acted as an invitation for users to join the ranks of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Users could answer questions successfully to achieve the mission and win a personalized marvel poster.

KRDS was tasked with drafting the questions for the Chatbot, developing it and testing it for bugs along with tracking its performance. The Chatbot is available in Traditional Chinese and English.  The campaign ran for a duration of four weeks and gathered 7,000 users and 15,000 game plays on the Chatbot.

Commenting on the campaign, Brice Le Guen, Director at KRDS Hong Kong said:

“A Chatbot is a great tool to interact with your audience in an immersive way and this Chatbot gave loyal fans of Marvel and Hong Kong Disneyland an opportunity to have a personal connect with the story. It was an honour lending our digital expertise to this project with HKDL to bring their vision to life. ”

Watch the full videocast of the chatbot below :


A Bot For a Cause

Oh my Bot! has created a Chatbot for the Singapore Red Cross along with Mullenlowe Singapore.

Singapore currently has over 41,000 seniors who live alone with no assistance and support. The Red Cross Community-Led Action for REsilience (CLARE) program helps this community by providing them medical and social support and sending volunteers that regularly check in on them and also respond to emergencies.

To ensure that the senior citizens can always reach out for assistance, Red Cross partnered with Social & Mobile Agency KRDS Singapore and MullenLowe Singapore to develop a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

The Chatbot asks the senior citizens how they are feeling at the start of the day. If the user responds with ‘I’m not okay’, the Chatbot automatically sends an email alert to the Red Cross CLARE program so the volunteers can reach them immediately. The Chatbot will also be useful for users to sign up as volunteers for the program.

The CLARE Bot is a great example of how technology and specifically Chatbots can be used in social service to lend a helping hand to those in need. Facebook Messenger being one of the most used platforms has the potential to uplift and empower senior citizens in Singapore using this program.

See the video that describes the project:



Case study: Chatbots in Bollywood

The agency Oh My Bot! Works with Fox Star Film Studios, a subsidiary of the 20th Century Fox giant and STAR, a film producer in India.
The Fox Star Studios gave Oh My Bot! To create an interesting concept of Bot seeking to engage the Facebook community on the occasion of the release of the film M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story.
So this is the first bot Messenger entertainment on the Indian market that is born! It is dedicated to the promotion of Mr.S Dhoni, The Untold Story, the film that all the aficionados of Cricket were waiting impatiently. This biographical film unveils the destiny of the incredible MS Dhoni, a passionate little boy born in Ranchi, India and became the most famous Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.
The wish of Fox Star Hindi, the representative of Fox Star Studios on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), was to create a strong commitment by looking for the biggest and most faithful fan of Dhoni!
Oh My Bot! Has developed a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger that interacts directly with users and confronts them in a duel during a quiz on the highlights of Dhoni’s life.

This Chatbot is currently hosted on Messenger and on the Facebook page of Fox Star Hindi and is accessible on PC and mobile. To play this game, users can directly write to “Fox Star Hindi” on Facebook Messenger or simply visit the Fox Star Hindi page and click “Message” to start a discussion with the bot. The Bot is a Trivia Bot ie it asks a suite of 10 questions to the users. With each correct answer, the user gains 6 additional points and with each incorrect answer, the user loses a wicket (one of the wooden stakes used at Cricket).

When the conversation with the Bot begins, he introduces himself quickly and proposes to start the quiz or to watch the trailer of the film M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story.


If the user answers “Take up Quiz”, a catch phrase appears:

The questions posed to Internet users can also be related to the maximum number of points scored by MS Dhoni during an innings, or general cricket statistics or MS Dhoni’s teammates in his most important matches. At the end of the quiz, the user receives a personalized message with the signature of MS Dhoni announcing to him that it is his biggest Fan!

Users can then post this last message on their Facebook wall to share the game with their friends and see the trailer for the movie.

This Bot was accessible on messenger or by sending a message to the Fox Star Hindi page.