5 Chatbot Trends To Help Grow Your Business


Chatbots are a helpful tool for businesses that want to take their marketing strategy to the next level and are looking to create a strong customer service. With the leaps of advances in AI technology and machine learning, chatbots have become and are becoming more popular than ever. Their flexible nature allows the chatbots to continue to evolve, become even better, and probably even perform a central role in customer service in all different types of industries.

AI was once considered a luxury for Fortune 500 companies, but that’s not the case anymore. A number of small businesses have leveraged AI technology to improve their operations, connect with their customers on a deeper level, and boost their sales.

Let’s discuss the latest chatbot trends to keep an eye on.

Top 10 chatbot trends


1.  Human-like Chatbots

Chatbots have already started to take over in a number of business sectors. In addition to native bots, 3rd party companies are now helping other companies interact with their customers. For instance, being able to order an Uber ride through your Facebook Messenger app through a seamless conversational narrative that almost mimics that of humans.


2. Chatbots becoming more AI-driven

The capability of AI-powered chatbots to deliver a personalized experience to clients and customers is massive. With predictive analytics, chatbots can anticipate customers’ needs and guide them through complex actions and procedures – helping customers accomplish tasks in a much more fluid and efficient way.


3. Business and chatbots

Businesses, both big and small, are using chatbots to provide assistance to their customers. With tremendous growth in 2017, the year earned the title of “year of chatbots”. The good news is that this growth is continuing by innovation that helps businesses provide the best customer service and grow their business by connecting with consumers in real-time.


4. Elaborate Customer Insights and Analytics

Chatbots have the capability to store valuable customer data for analysis. AI helps to automate the data collection process. The analysis is done by people and requires proper attention from a dedicated team, which can then focus on improvement areas, optimizing processes and minimizing errors. Advanced chatbots are even able to improve themselves by learning over time with the help of machine learning.


5. Natural language understanding

In order to get one step ahead of their competition, few companies have even started working on Natural Language Processing. The idea is that this technology will allow users and machines to interact more naturally by understanding and responding to different dialects. Given concerns around chatbots’ inability to understand complex requests, companies are pouring money into its development.

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