Why Voice-Enabled Chatbot Is The Future Of Internet?


Fast paced technology is changing our lives everyday. Companies now have the ability to provide immediate and personalized responses to customers, and thus improved their level of customer satisfaction. All this has been possible with the use of voice bots.

Modern voice bots are powered by AI. They provide the best solutions yet to both the customers and agents in their respective areas and across all industry sectors as well.


Types of voice bots:


  1. Voice-only bots
    1. Applicable on voice-controlled devices
    2. Used mostly for passive interaction and interoperability i.e. IoT, voice commands, etc.
    3. Used in smart devices and smart home automation
  2. Hybrid bots
    1. Built with an additional layer of text-based chatbot
    2. Input / output form is both speech and text
    3. Used mostly for active interaction i.e. customer service


Why do consumers prefer voice?


  • Integration capabilities – can be integrated as an add-on to other systems and applications.
  • Personal assistance – can perform easy to complex tasks immediately and without error.
  • Better engagement – text can become monotonous. The voice brings a new way of interaction on the table.
  • Zero wait time – response time becomes faster, almost instantaneous, with voice bots.
  • Multitasking – voice bots can function as fast as any computer processor, making them multifunctional and thus increasing productivity
  • 24×7 availability – can remain active around the clock so customers can interact with your business at any time.
  • Valuable entity – can provide incredible value to your business by driving faster and better conversations and higher conversions.
  • Personalisation – customising a voice bot to fit your needs is one of the best ways to create a brand voice for your business.
  • Fraud detection – With data mining, and quantitative analysis of that data, voice bots help in reducing the cost to attain data while the analytics help in detecting fraud.

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