Chatbot Performance – Metrics that matter

In the past few months, we see plenty of companies incorporating Chatbots and AI into their business activities. So what happens after a Chatbot is developed and is in use? The next question that must be asked is, “How do I know whether my Chatbot is helping my business or not?” This is where the metrics come into play. There are some key metrics that need to be tracked and analysed to constantly evolve your Chatbot according to your business and its users.

Here a few key metrics that can help improve the performance of your bot and lead to its success

Comprehending abilities

A bot must be developed to understand the user language so that it can answer their queries. The comprehension abilities of the bots must be constantly changing to make sure that the user does not spend a long time making the bot understand their query. Poor comprehension ability gives a bad user experience and would lead to lesser retention rate

Frequency of session and average session duration per user

Information about the frequency of sessions and session duration can give a lot of insights about the shortcomings of the bot or even help highlight what the bot is doing correctly. Sometimes, a low session duration might mean that the user is not engaged enough or is having difficulties communicating with the bot. A shorter session duration is not necessarily a bad thing in all the cases so care must be taken before such conclusions are made

Conversation steps

A longer conversation with a bot does not always mean high engagement. Sometimes, the user would want to get the required service/answer within a few steps but if the bot is unable to complete a time dependent activity in a few steps, it might frustrate the user. Therefore, based on the business activity, the conversation steps must be tracked to gain meaningful insights.

Top users and top phrases

It is important to simultaneously track the top users of the bot and the most commonly used phrases with the bot. These 2 metrics will help us understand why there are a certain number of people engaging with bot repeatedly and help implement this experience to the other users as well. This will help improve the retention rates and gather more data about user behaviour.

These metrics are just the stepping stone and there a lot more metrics that can help you measure the performance of your bot. Do you have any other important metrics in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

The New Era of Hiring – Recruitment through Chatbots

Chatbots are revolutionizing the online communication in different industries. More and more companies are starting to realize its potential and are looking for ways in which Chatbots could help their business. This brings us to the impact of Chatbots in the Human Resource department, predominantly the hiring process. We’ve already seen the drastic shift in the recruitment industry from classifieds, newspaper ads to Linkedin. Everything has moved to digital. And due to this, chatbots can prove to be extremely useful in this particular process.

Here are a certain reasons why chatbots can help a company’s recruitment procedure :

  • Help recruiters with their operational/administrative tasks

The job of a recruiter can be a tiresome one. They have to go through hundreds of profiles everyday to make sure they choose the right talent for their company. The chatbots can help reduce this burden by sorting the different profiles based on qualifications, requirements, experience and eliminate irrelevant profiles. The bots can even answer FAQs asked by the candidates. This helps the recruiter to focus on the actual interview and spend more time to assess the candidate with the right questions.

  • Saves time and money

Companies shell out a lot of money in their hiring process that involves screening applicants, group discussions etc. Chatbots can help perform more than 50% of the initial interactions thus saving money on labour. And the most important part is that it can help eliminate underqualified profiles easily. This process usually takes up the maximum manpower in the HR department.

  • Speedy process for applicants

The traditional method of hiring has different levels of interviews and the gap between each round is quite a lot. The candidates are often clueless about their progress. This lack of information can often hinder the job process for both the recruiters and the candidates. With the help of chatbots, information can be sent out to the applicants instantly regarding their selection or rejection. This is a positive trait for the company because it makes them more responsive to the candidates.

Seeing that the incorporation of chatbots brings some massive advantages to the business, it is time for companies to innovate their hiring procedures to make it a satisfactory experience for everybody involved.

Why does your business need a Chatbot?

Businesses are realising the need for Chatbots and are constantly looking for ways to incorporate them to improve their sales or customer service or even help with their marketing strategy. A few major brands have already leveraged Chatbots and have made a huge impact on their users.

This leads us to the big question, why does my business need a chatbot. These few points below can help you answer this question.

Lot of queries about product/service

This is one of the major reasons to develop a bot for your business. If your particular business receives a lot of online queries regarding your products/services, it might be difficult for a person to respond to these queries especially if its on a large scale. This is where the chatbots come in. They can even be customized to provide personalized solutions to the user.

Your business operates in different time zones

The biggest advantage of a chatbot is the convenience. It is always available to answer queries 24×7. For a business that is operating in different countries, this is the best way to ensure that communication with the customer is not delayed.

You want to increase online engagement

If you are a business that predominantly operates online and you’re looking for ways to engage with your customers, then chatbots can be an effective medium to achieve this. They can be integrated in your website or your Facebook page and doesn’t require any extra effort by the user to download a separate application. Through this, you can provide a satisfying shopping experience to your customer and also enable them make a purchase with you again.

Cost effective customer care service

By installing a chatbot, the costs incurred in the customer care team can be cut down. The team can focus on critical queries while leaving out the repetitive and basic queries to the bot. The business only has to incur the cost of developing the Chatbot. With the innovations in technology, even the creation of a chatbot has become economical.

If any of the above criteria fits your business then creating a Chatbot will definitely help grow it. It is the perfect fit for any business that wants to expand and venture into new channels.

What makes a successful Chatbot?

Chatbots are proving to be really effective of late. It has become an universal tool for businesses from different industries. It is a viewed as a method for companies to engage with their customers at a minimized cost. With the rise of Chatbots, there are multiple apps, softwares and tech companies that have started developing the same.

So with the influx of different chatbots, what are the traits of a successful chatbot? Here are a few points that might help answer this question.

Chatbots that engage in conversations

It is no secret that Chatbots are viewed as a way to answer customer queries or mechanise any operational tasks. But it is also important for these bots to be chatty and truly engage in a conversation with the user rather than simply answer the question the point. The personalisation abilities of the bot is what truly sets it apart from the others.

Value added services

Over and above answering queries, the chatbots must also offer some extended support or value added services. For example –  A bot created by an online fashion can regularly update the previously engaged users with the latest fashion trends, discounts or any other event that might be of interest to the consumer.

Accumulation of data

Your chatbots must also be built to gather useful information about your customers so predictions can be made about your untapped audience and new methods can be discovered to reach out to them. It is the true indicator of whether your chatbot is helping your business or not.

User-friendly Bot

The design of the bot must not be overlooked. The chabot must be simple, straightforward and user-friendly. This allows the user to have a good experience and enables him/her to make use of the bots again. Even though you have the latest softwares and technology incorporated in your chatbot, at the end of the day, it boils down to whether it is easy to use or not.

So do ensure that the above features are taken into consideration before you develop a chatbot for your business. Do you know any other traits of a successful chatbot? Let us know in the comments below!

Hong Kong Disneyland confirmed as Marvel’s Asia epicenter

Successful digital campaign confirmed Hong Kong Disneyland as Marvel’s Asia epicenter with a Messenger Chat Bot dedicated to the agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Marvel Superhero experience featuring the famous Iron Man, Captain America and Spiderman was a successful campaign promoted by an innovative digital experience where users could establish a personal connect to the Marvel characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland roped in Social & Mobile Agency KRDS Hong Kong to develop a Marvel Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

This messenger Chatbot  acted as an invitation for users to join the ranks of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Users could answer questions successfully to achieve the mission and win a personalized marvel poster.

KRDS was tasked with drafting the questions for the Chatbot, developing it and testing it for bugs along with tracking its performance. The Chatbot is available in Traditional Chinese and English.  The campaign ran for a duration of four weeks and gathered 7,000 users and 15,000 game plays on the Chatbot.

Commenting on the campaign, Brice Le Guen, Director at KRDS Hong Kong said:

“A Chatbot is a great tool to interact with your audience in an immersive way and this Chatbot gave loyal fans of Marvel and Hong Kong Disneyland an opportunity to have a personal connect with the story. It was an honour lending our digital expertise to this project with HKDL to bring their vision to life. ”

Watch the full videocast of the chatbot below :


Chatbots in Financial Services

With the growing popularity of Chatbots, more and more industries are looking to incorporate this feature in their business. Chatbots have already been incorporated in the retail, E-commerce and FMCG industries with brilliant results. Due to this, a lot of banks and financial companies have started to realize the true potential of Chatbots to the growth and development of their business.

Here are a few advantages of leveraging Chatbots in Financial services through Mobile Apps or Facebook Messenger:-

Address simple customer queries

The Chatbots can help address simple queries of customers that come in large quantities. These queries can be addressed instantly, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Due to this, the manual labour can focus on queries and customers grievances that need personalization.

Improved customer satisfaction

In the era where you can do anything with almost a click of a button, it is important for companies to be respond quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days where customers would wait 48 hours to get their queries addressed. Businesses must be quick to respond to the customer queries before it escalates into a bigger issue. Chatbots are the perfect solution to this problem. Since they respond to messages 24×7, customers feel that their queries are being acknowledged.


With the help of Artificial intelligence, Chatbots can be customized to suit your financial service. They can offer personalized solutions based on the behavioural patterns and demographics of the consumer. This enables the brand to go the extra mile and provide the best service to their customers. This can also give useful insights to the company about their customers and help reach out to more prospective customers.

In conclusion, Chatbots will surely revolutionize the online customer service and other aspects of companies in the Financial sector in the coming years.