How To Generate Leads Using Chatbots

Time and again Chatbots have proved their effectiveness when it comes to assisting companies from different verticals. Although, it was predominantly used as a tool to improve customer service, it has seeped its way to other functionalities too. And we’ve got some tips on how these smart chatbots can also help your business generate leads

Interact with users using live chatbots

Live chats are useful because they can instantly talk to users on your website or social media channels and help them out whenever required. Let’s say an user visits your website and engages with your bot regarding a certain product. At the end of the conversation, your chatbot can request the user for their email ID so they can be informed of upcoming deals and discounts. This way, you will slowly start building prospective leads and keep them informed about your brand through mailers

Educational chatbots

We already know it is important for brands to answer the user’s queries immediately. But it is also important for brands to understand that they should be equipped to educate the users i.e be able to answer questions that the user has not even asked yet. The chatbots can tips/hacks or any other info that might interest the user. Through this, you can continue your email list.

Help with the purchase

Chatbots can also act as your virtual shopping buddy! It can help the visitors on your website make the right purchases by suggesting the right products. Let’s say a user is looking for dresses, your bot can add value by recommending matching accessories or bags to buy. At the end of the purchase, the bot can simply ask the customer for their email ID, and they’d be happy to share it with the bot if they’ve had a good shopping experience.

What Are The Features Of A Successful Workplace Chatbot

Chatbots have been making lives easier for people ever since its introduction. AI technology has come a long way with revolutionary innovations being made year after year. Bots have seeped its way into multiple industries and are making its way into workplaces.

Lot of companies have introduced bots to their offices in some way or another. But how can the usefulness of the bot be measured? What are the metrics that we need to focus on? What are the metrics that don’t matter. This article aims to answer all of those questions.


When a bot is incorporated in a workplace, it is necessary that is also easily accessible by the employee. One way to go about this would be to incorporate the bot into their existing interfaces or applications. The bot loses its value if the employee has to open a completely different application to access it.

Easy Maintenance

Since most of the chatbots for companies are developed by external agencies, if there is a minor problem or error, the company has to go back to agency to fix the error. This process leads to a waste of time and energy. Although, it may not be possible for employees to handle the complex technical aspects of the bot, there should be a mechanism where atleast small errors can be fixed internally.

Bots that go beyond providing information

Yes, it is important to get the right information at the right time and bots are incredibly useful in that aspect. But what would make them even better is if they could actually perform transactions for you. Going the extra mile is what makes a successful bot. The bots can be programmed to set appointments, give reminders etc. The possibilities are endless.

If your office bot is on the path to achieving some of the above mentioned points, then you have nothing to worry about. Let us know if you have any other factors that contribute to the sucess of a workplace bot.

How Can Restaurants Benefit From Chatbots

Chatbots have become a rage! It is being leveraged by global and local businesses irrespective of their industry or sectors. The verdict is in – Chatbots are universally helpful.

Chatbots are helpful because they help reduce manual intervention and still provide instant solutions to the user. Time is an important factor that helps the user decide if they want to go with a particular brand. Especially when it comes to time sensitive businesses like owning a restaurant.

Incorporating chatbot for your restaurant is a great way to move your business to the next level. It provides a seamless service to your customers. It begins right from making reservations. Customers can easily make reservations using their smartphones instead of having to call the restaurants. This service can be extended to when the customer is waiting in line for a table, a chatbot can also help notify the customer when their table has been set up. This creates an enjoyable dining experience for the customer right from the start.

Let’s say, the customer is seated at the table and wants some suggestions on what to order or they want to know the chef’s signature dishes. Instead of waiting for the waiter to drop by the table and give his 2 cents, the customer can easily get this data through a chatbot.Similarly, if a customer wants to order steak but he’s not sure as to what wine would perfectly go with it, all he has to do is ask the bot for recommendations.

Customer loyalty is the key to any successful restaurant business. By providing exceptional service with the help of manual labour and AI, your business surely has the recipe for success 😉