How To Generate Leads Using Chatbots

Time and again Chatbots have proved their effectiveness when it comes to assisting companies from different verticals. Although, it was predominantly used as a tool to improve customer service, it has seeped its way to other functionalities too. And we’ve got some tips on how these smart chatbots can also help your business generate leads

Interact with users using live chatbots

Live chats are useful because they can instantly talk to users on your website or social media channels and help them out whenever required. Let’s say an user visits your website and engages with your bot regarding a certain product. At the end of the conversation, your chatbot can request the user for their email ID so they can be informed of upcoming deals and discounts. This way, you will slowly start building prospective leads and keep them informed about your brand through mailers

Educational chatbots

We already know it is important for brands to answer the user’s queries immediately. But it is also important for brands to understand that they should be equipped to educate the users i.e be able to answer questions that the user has not even asked yet. The chatbots can tips/hacks or any other info that might interest the user. Through this, you can continue your email list.

Help with the purchase

Chatbots can also act as your virtual shopping buddy! It can help the visitors on your website make the right purchases by suggesting the right products. Let’s say a user is looking for dresses, your bot can add value by recommending matching accessories or bags to buy. At the end of the purchase, the bot can simply ask the customer for their email ID, and they’d be happy to share it with the bot if they’ve had a good shopping experience.

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