Facebook to Launch Group Chatbots on Messenger

Over the past year, we have seen a meteoric rise in the number of Chatbots dominating the conversational user interface with multiple businesses jumping in the bandwagon to interact with their customers and prospects using Chatbots. From travel bookings to ordering a pizza, Chatbots have been capturing the world by a storm with the amount of potential it has to disseminate information in the touch of a button. These Chatbots act as your virtual assistant and provide you information instantaneously in the comfort of your messaging applications.

Recently, there have been several rumours on what’s in store for Chatbots on Facebook Messenger. According to Techcrunch, Facebook in their next conference will be announcing the launch of group Chatbots to Messenger and is in talks with various Chatbot developers on the launch. These group Chatbots can be added to group conversations to carry out various tasks and have a conversation collectively with a group.

This is quite an interesting update for businesses and can give them the headstart to develop Chabots that can serve multiple users at the same time.  For example, a group of basketball fans can add a Basketball Chatbot to their conversation and be updated on the news and score in real time through the Bot.

Group travel plans could also be arranged and paid for by all the members of the group using a travel Chabot and dinner reservations for the group can also be quicky made using a group Chatbot.

This also opens the door for entertainment bots and big entertainment giants could also make it possible for a group to watch content in the comfort of their Facebook Messenger. Movie nights with long distance friends could also be possible with a Movie Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

A group Chatbot on Messenger also allows businesses to disseminate their information to more number of people and is expected to give rise to a more viral growth of Chatbots in the community.

Whether it is a group that loves hourly sports updates or random hourly giraffe facts to mildly annoy their friends, the potential for interaction with group Chatbots makes it a much more enjoyable and immersive experience for Messenger.

While Facebook has not confirmed these rumours, we can only wait till the next conference to find out for certain if they are making an entry into the Chatbot world.

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