What Are The Features Of A Successful Workplace Chatbot

Chatbots have been making lives easier for people ever since its introduction. AI technology has come a long way with revolutionary innovations being made year after year. Bots have seeped its way into multiple industries and are making its way into workplaces.

Lot of companies have introduced bots to their offices in some way or another. But how can the usefulness of the bot be measured? What are the metrics that we need to focus on? What are the metrics that don’t matter. This article aims to answer all of those questions.


When a bot is incorporated in a workplace, it is necessary that is also easily accessible by the employee. One way to go about this would be to incorporate the bot into their existing interfaces or applications. The bot loses its value if the employee has to open a completely different application to access it.

Easy Maintenance

Since most of the chatbots for companies are developed by external agencies, if there is a minor problem or error, the company has to go back to agency to fix the error. This process leads to a waste of time and energy. Although, it may not be possible for employees to handle the complex technical aspects of the bot, there should be a mechanism where atleast small errors can be fixed internally.

Bots that go beyond providing information

Yes, it is important to get the right information at the right time and bots are incredibly useful in that aspect. But what would make them even better is if they could actually perform transactions for you. Going the extra mile is what makes a successful bot. The bots can be programmed to set appointments, give reminders etc. The possibilities are endless.

If your office bot is on the path to achieving some of the above mentioned points, then you have nothing to worry about. Let us know if you have any other factors that contribute to the sucess of a workplace bot.

The Chat Bot Revolution: A Shift from Social Networking to Instant Messaging Applications

We are at the brink of a Chat Bot revolution on instant messaging applications. As downloads for applications on social networks go down, brands are choosing to come to the place where the user spends most time, in the safety of their favourite instant messaging applications.

As countless brands have taken the plunge to introduce Chat Bots to automate the conversation with their audience it is quite clear that Bots are here to stay. As Facebook revealed in July the presence of over 11,000 bots on Facebook Messenger and counting, bots have been taking the world by the storm.Whether it is booking a dinner table or scheduling an appointment with a doctor, customers can now carry out a spectrum of online transactions within the comfort zone of their Instant Messaging Applications.

According to a study by Business Insider, Messaging applications have now surpassed social networks in terms of usage. This confirms the notion that brands must actively adopt the idea of connecting with its customers and potential users on Instant Messaging Applications instead of pushing more stand-alone applications of social networks. An important aspect of the new revolution of conversational user interfaces is the adoption of a human like persona for the bot. Whether it’s the sweet talking Siri or Cortana, bots now act as a personal virtual assistant with human like qualities which makes the experience of interacting with the bot more enriching rather than monotone or without emotion.

This also provides the brand much room for injecting their brand’s personality in the bot. The bot thus acts as a spokesperson for the brand managing countless interactions at the same time with ease and eliminates human errors. With a proper and extensive strategy, bots can not only automate daily tasks for the brand but will be able to establish and build a lasting relationship with your customers.