VoiceBots : How AI Voice Will Dramatically Enhance The Way You Work

Voice assistants like Google, Alexa, Siri, etc. have become a day-to-day affair in the lives of a 21st-century human. Not only that, but such assistants can easily be accessed by your smart devices like your phone, smartwatches, home appliances, navigation systems, etc.

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Are Chatbots The Future of Insurance?

The Chatbot is one of the hottest topics in most businesses across all industries. Indeed, in full digital acceleration , companies want to modernize their services , and in particular their customer relationship. Chatbots undoubtedly represent a quick optimization solution : a recent study by Gartner shows that 85% of the customer relationship will be automated by 2020. And one of the main sectors concerned is insurance.

The challenges of digital are considerable for insurance companies: they must not only adapt their business models to the needs of consumers, but also digitize their internal processes. A recent CCM Benchmark study of more than 1,370 users shows that 49% of respondents would be willing to use Chatbot to contact their advisor . However, they would not give up the opportunity to interact directly with their bank or insurance.

Chatbots as insurance advisers?

Bots are blessed bread for the entire sector at the time of the big data explosion. They are able to learn and adapt as they are used and search for information in large volumes of data in seconds. Artificial intelligence allows properly programmed Chatbots to recognize patterns and repeat actions from certain words, phrases or other stimuli.

The future of insurance?

With the bots advisors, insurance companies are bringing their services into a new era. The Chatbots allow them to answer most of the questions of the insured, that they relate to the offers and tariffs and their conditions, but also on the declaration of claims and the prevention. For a frictionless customer experience, think of a bot Messenger or WeChat : the customer contacts you directly from his account.

Be careful though, the first versions of a Chatbot are never satisfactory! The agency needs to “teach” it how to react to a given interaction. Finally, users must be aware that they are dealing with a bot and not a human agent, to avoid disappointment with the service or the company.

The future of Chatbots in the insurance sector will obviously depend on the development of artificial intelligence . The more machine learning and algorithms are improved, the more interactions with Chatbots will come closer to a human conversation.

How To Create A Good Messenger ChatBot?

Here are the steps to build a good ChatBot:

1.They do not play guessing

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). However, Chatbots too focused on understanding natural language, finally forget to guide the user. 
If the user can access a feature by writing a complex sentence, they can also do so by clicking a single button. It is neither helpful nor relevant to ask them too much detail.

A good ChatBot must consist of: 
welcome message that explains the Bot’s mission. 
menu that reminds users what they can do. 
A simple “button” and quick answers .

Artificial intelligence is a bonus. If the Bot can understand 1% of what the user writes in a complex sentence, that’s good enough. 

2. They must be beautiful

Despite the constraints imposed by Messenger, you have no excuse to create a visually unattractive Bot.
It is necessary to use as much as possible attractive images and visuals, of course in line with the identity of the brand.

3. Make short answers

Short answers are much more appreciated by users. You can also insert emojis , pictures or icons in your answers. 
Your Bot will look much more comfortable with emojis and users will feel closer to it at the same time.

Be brief and concise.

A user is attracted to visual elements. Long texts in ChatBots are a brake for the user. It will not read the superfluous text, which can be problematic if your text contains important information …

It can never be repeated enough, to create a successful ChatBot: be brief.

In summary, your ChatBot: 
– Should not play guessing 
– Should propose buttons and quick answers 
– Have a beautiful design 
– Include emojis 
– Should comprise of short texts

With that, it is impossible to miss your Bot!