Chatbot Performance – Metrics that matter

In the past few months, we see plenty of companies incorporating Chatbots and AI into their business activities. So what happens after a Chatbot is developed and is in use? The next question that must be asked is, “How do I know whether my Chatbot is helping my business or not?” This is where the metrics come into play. There are some key metrics that need to be tracked and analysed to constantly evolve your Chatbot according to your business and its users.

Here a few key metrics that can help improve the performance of your bot and lead to its success

Comprehending abilities

A bot must be developed to understand the user language so that it can answer their queries. The comprehension abilities of the bots must be constantly changing to make sure that the user does not spend a long time making the bot understand their query. Poor comprehension ability gives a bad user experience and would lead to lesser retention rate

Frequency of session and average session duration per user

Information about the frequency of sessions and session duration can give a lot of insights about the shortcomings of the bot or even help highlight what the bot is doing correctly. Sometimes, a low session duration might mean that the user is not engaged enough or is having difficulties communicating with the bot. A shorter session duration is not necessarily a bad thing in all the cases so care must be taken before such conclusions are made

Conversation steps

A longer conversation with a bot does not always mean high engagement. Sometimes, the user would want to get the required service/answer within a few steps but if the bot is unable to complete a time dependent activity in a few steps, it might frustrate the user. Therefore, based on the business activity, the conversation steps must be tracked to gain meaningful insights.

Top users and top phrases

It is important to simultaneously track the top users of the bot and the most commonly used phrases with the bot. These 2 metrics will help us understand why there are a certain number of people engaging with bot repeatedly and help implement this experience to the other users as well. This will help improve the retention rates and gather more data about user behaviour.

These metrics are just the stepping stone and there a lot more metrics that can help you measure the performance of your bot. Do you have any other important metrics in mind? Let us know in the comments below!