Digital vs Chatbot Agency : What Should Your Company Choose ?

After the arrival of Chatbots on Facebook Messenger, one can predict that the other tech giants will follow suite with Bots on WhatsApp, Kik, Skype and more. When it comes to the creation of chat bots a question that puzzles everyone is, who should develop a chatbot, is it traditional digital agencies or a dedicated agency specialised in developing chatbots? Which one is better?

The specific requirements of users and brands along with certain technical constraints can be best understood only by an expert. Any brand or business that decides to build a chatbot must consider minimum risk and scope for error. A dedicated chatbot agency always has the necessary and vast expertise needed to undertake a chatbot project.

Here’s an overview of the assistance that only a specialised Chatbot agency can perform:

  • Analysis of expectations of the target audience on Instant Messaging Applications
  • Configuring a unique home screen: each user is greeted with a personalised message
  • A well defined scope of how a chat bot can help your business
  • An analysis of expectations of automated conversations for the business
  • The design & development of a bot including hosting it on the platform
  • The level of interaction with the users and customers before human intervention
  • Round the clock technical assistance
  • Human moderation services to further enhance the conversation with customers
  • Integration with the brand’s CRM software: for the chat bot this is often used for effective customer service.

It is therefore important to consider a dedicated chatbot agency to develop a conversational user interface to ensure the most effective results on your decision.

Could Chat bots be the next Human Resource Assistant?

Over the past year, Chat Bots have been taking over the conversation for innovative ways brands can connect with their customers on Instant Messaging Applications. So far we have seen bots do it all, from restaurant reservations, flight bookings and also playing the part of a medical assistant. Each interaction with the bot enables quicker and faster response times. With the general attention span of the world reducing, chat bots can be a great alternative for customers that are unable to wait for information.

In the recent times, companies have been trying to explore chat bots as a tool for Human Resources. It is  of importance how human resource departments can communicate effectively with their employees providing them necessary information ranging from holidays, CPF or pension. Usually, employees are required to set up long meetings with their HR to receive this information and a lot can be lost in communication.But we are entering the chat bot revolution where chat bots can prove to be highly effective in these situations and can provide the necessary information to the employee instantaneously. A quick message to the bot asking for your pending holidays could provide you an instant reply minimizing the turn-around time for the HR to respond. Companies like Axa have already taken the step in deploying chat bots in their human resource strategy.

It can be quite ironic to have machine learning assist a field that thrives on human learning and feedback however, it is interesting to see how successful bots can perform and automate certain daily tasks in an organization.

Recently, it was revealed that McCann Japan hired a Creative Director who is also a robot by automating this role in the organization. It is however, not in interest of an organization to automate the Human Resources that largely depends on human interaction and experiences.

Experts believe that as the technology of Bots improves every day due to constant research, eventually a bot could help sift through multiple resumes using machine learning to find prospective employees for the organization.