The New Era of Hiring – Recruitment through Chatbots

Chatbots are revolutionizing the online communication in different industries. More and more companies are starting to realize its potential and are looking for ways in which Chatbots could help their business. This brings us to the impact of Chatbots in the Human Resource department, predominantly the hiring process. We’ve already seen the drastic shift in the recruitment industry from classifieds, newspaper ads to Linkedin. Everything has moved to digital. And due to this, chatbots can prove to be extremely useful in this particular process.

Here are a certain reasons why chatbots can help a company’s recruitment procedure :

  • Help recruiters with their operational/administrative tasks

The job of a recruiter can be a tiresome one. They have to go through hundreds of profiles everyday to make sure they choose the right talent for their company. The chatbots can help reduce this burden by sorting the different profiles based on qualifications, requirements, experience and eliminate irrelevant profiles. The bots can even answer FAQs asked by the candidates. This helps the recruiter to focus on the actual interview and spend more time to assess the candidate with the right questions.

  • Saves time and money

Companies shell out a lot of money in their hiring process that involves screening applicants, group discussions etc. Chatbots can help perform more than 50% of the initial interactions thus saving money on labour. And the most important part is that it can help eliminate underqualified profiles easily. This process usually takes up the maximum manpower in the HR department.

  • Speedy process for applicants

The traditional method of hiring has different levels of interviews and the gap between each round is quite a lot. The candidates are often clueless about their progress. This lack of information can often hinder the job process for both the recruiters and the candidates. With the help of chatbots, information can be sent out to the applicants instantly regarding their selection or rejection. This is a positive trait for the company because it makes them more responsive to the candidates.

Seeing that the incorporation of chatbots brings some massive advantages to the business, it is time for companies to innovate their hiring procedures to make it a satisfactory experience for everybody involved.