Chatbots in Marketing: How Chatbots Helps Convert More Leads


As we progress into 2020, with the digital era at its peak, it becomes harder and harder for brands to break through the noise and make themselves heard. Also, with all the marketing clutter on the internet, people like it when something out of the mess is personalised for them.

That is why brands have been approaching their marketing strategies to create personalised campaigns for their consumers. But the problem is that with such a vast number of online followers, most brands can’t keep up with creating a personalised experience for everyone. The best solution for this problem is to create a chatbot that represents the company at the very forefront of all communication: social media.

Chatbots are not just communication tools. Here is how you can use chatbots for your conversion rate optimization.

Automation Of Processes

  1. It decreases wait times for sales departments.
  2. It automates the process of the first interaction with a lead.
  3. It eliminates the factor of human error.
  4. It reduces the cost of conversion.


Quick Communication

  1. Chatbots run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Reduces online waiting time for customers.
  3. Reduces sales team workload.


Better Conversion

  1. Chatbots have the ability to include CTAs i.e Call To Actions to their messages.
  2. Non-AI chatbots can have a personalised guided route to conversion.
  3. AI chatbots can analyse customer queries and reply appropriately while learning from the whole interaction.


Community Interaction

  1. Automated social media marketing can be implemented with chatbots at the awareness level.
  2. Social media management becomes a lot easier using CRM-linked chatbots.
  3. Content can be delivered directly to the customer or the consumer.


Key Takeaway

The best and most effective way of using chatbots is by integrating the chatbots into your larger strategy. While micro-actions are quite effective as well, chatbots have the ability to collect essential information that can create multiple marketing and remarketing opportunities.

While basing everything on chatbots is unwise, it is most essential to make it a large part of your strategy due to its versatility. The main thing is to keep the voice of the chatbot in sync with the voice of your brand.

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