5 Advantages of Using a Chatbot for Your Business


Chatbots are getting quite popular in the marketing industry since they are bringing up a new and more efficient way for businesses to interact with their community, and more importantly with their customers, riding on the exploding popularity of messaging apps. Adopting this innovative concept can give you a definitive advantage over your competitors.

Here are 5 advantages of using a chatbot for your business:


1. Higher Engagement

Engaging customers through social media can improve your engagement by about 40%. On top of that, if your handle has a preset chatbot, it will only add value to the engagement. Chatbots add a character-driven experience to a customer’s buying journey.


2. Cost-Effective

If a task can be done by an employee, an app, and a chatbot, the chatbot is surely the cheapest option out of the three. In certain situations, chatbots can actually be better when compared to a dedicated personnel resource, e.g. customer service.


3. Better Customer Service

A survey done by Econsultancy states that 83% of all online shoppers need help shopping online. While some customers know exactly what they want before even arriving on your platform, most people don’t have a clue which is where they need support. Chatbots provide assistance immediately and in real-time, thus improving user experience and successfully initiating a user’s buyer’s journey.


4. Valuable Data and Insights

Since chatbots communicate directly with the customers, they are able to collect and store valuable information about your specific user base. This information is quite invaluable and can be used for a better understanding of your target market, executing more accurate marketing strategies, and creating a database for your brand.


5. 3rd Party Messenger Apps

Users are quite hesitant these days to download newer apps similar to the ones they have already been using, vis-a-vis social media and messenger apps. Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. have dominated the market so much that users aren’t willing to part ways so easily, which means creating a personalised communication app for your brand may sound like a good idea, but it’s really not. In this business climate, it’s better to align your strategy with these social media and messenger apps and leverage their vast user base to your advantage. Facebook provides chatbot services for companies in its Messenger app which can be quite useful in tapping into your Facebook community with absolute ease.

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