Case study: Chatbots in Bollywood

The agency Oh My Bot! Works with Fox Star Film Studios, a subsidiary of the 20th Century Fox giant and STAR, a film producer in India.
The Fox Star Studios gave Oh My Bot! To create an interesting concept of Bot seeking to engage the Facebook community on the occasion of the release of the film M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story.
So this is the first bot Messenger entertainment on the Indian market that is born! It is dedicated to the promotion of Mr.S Dhoni, The Untold Story, the film that all the aficionados of Cricket were waiting impatiently. This biographical film unveils the destiny of the incredible MS Dhoni, a passionate little boy born in Ranchi, India and became the most famous Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.
The wish of Fox Star Hindi, the representative of Fox Star Studios on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), was to create a strong commitment by looking for the biggest and most faithful fan of Dhoni!
Oh My Bot! Has developed a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger that interacts directly with users and confronts them in a duel during a quiz on the highlights of Dhoni’s life.

This Chatbot is currently hosted on Messenger and on the Facebook page of Fox Star Hindi and is accessible on PC and mobile. To play this game, users can directly write to “Fox Star Hindi” on Facebook Messenger or simply visit the Fox Star Hindi page and click “Message” to start a discussion with the bot. The Bot is a Trivia Bot ie it asks a suite of 10 questions to the users. With each correct answer, the user gains 6 additional points and with each incorrect answer, the user loses a wicket (one of the wooden stakes used at Cricket).

When the conversation with the Bot begins, he introduces himself quickly and proposes to start the quiz or to watch the trailer of the film M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story.


If the user answers “Take up Quiz”, a catch phrase appears:

The questions posed to Internet users can also be related to the maximum number of points scored by MS Dhoni during an innings, or general cricket statistics or MS Dhoni’s teammates in his most important matches. At the end of the quiz, the user receives a personalized message with the signature of MS Dhoni announcing to him that it is his biggest Fan!

Users can then post this last message on their Facebook wall to share the game with their friends and see the trailer for the movie.

This Bot was accessible on messenger or by sending a message to the Fox Star Hindi page.

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