A Bot For a Cause

Oh my Bot! has created a Chatbot for the Singapore Red Cross along with Mullenlowe Singapore.

Singapore currently has over 41,000 seniors who live alone with no assistance and support. The Red Cross Community-Led Action for REsilience (CLARE) program helps this community by providing them medical and social support and sending volunteers that regularly check in on them and also respond to emergencies.

To ensure that the senior citizens can always reach out for assistance, Red Cross partnered with Social & Mobile Agency KRDS Singapore and MullenLowe Singapore to develop a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

The Chatbot asks the senior citizens how they are feeling at the start of the day. If the user responds with ‘I’m not okay’, the Chatbot automatically sends an email alert to the Red Cross CLARE program so the volunteers can reach them immediately. The Chatbot will also be useful for users to sign up as volunteers for the program.

The CLARE Bot is a great example of how technology and specifically Chatbots can be used in social service to lend a helping hand to those in need. Facebook Messenger being one of the most used platforms has the potential to uplift and empower senior citizens in Singapore using this program.

See the video that describes the project:



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