Chatbots for the Corporate World

The progress of artificial intelligence combined with various messaging applications, fuel the development of ChatBots that can perform different types of tasks such as scheduling a meeting or help users to buy a new gadget. The bot revolution is still in its initial phase, but the enthusiasm of customers and companies is felt. Let’s take a look at the existing ChatBots that can already be used by companies.

Bots are clearly one of the biggest social media trends to watch for, especially those built within email applications. What do these Bots do? They are a of tool to which you can ask a question and which will answer you accordingly.

The trend of automatically speaking robots in e-mail applications has created the conversational economy. They allow you to do many more things than mobile apps, they also come in handy since you do not need to download a different application each time and use them through a chat interface.

What should we expect?

Technology analysts have predicted that the Bot Stores will be the biggest entrants after the Facebook Messenger and the biggest advance since the rise of the App Stores. For example, Telegram, an email application with more than 100 million active users, has launched a bot store with many features. You can find bots in apps that allow you to play games, communicate or buy online. Bots are the future of how we communicate, buy, travel. We can even predict that the bots will become the new websites.

The year 2016 marked the beginning of the use of ChatBots. It turns out that messaging platforms are actually the most used applications for smartphones. By 2015, more than 1.5 billion people had used chat applications. In addition, almost 70% of all applications use from just 200 applications. This shows that most applications are not used. Many developers think it will be much easier to get users to chat with ChatBots than to download apps, connect to them, learn how to use them. Now let’s see how bots can be used by businesses.

Bots significantly reduce the number of applications on your phone. For example, you no longer need to have the Uber application on your phone, you can now send a simple message to Uber with “pick me up from this destination” etc.

What is a Business Bot?

This is essentially a text service that allows users to perform tasks such as scheduling a meeting, ordering a product, booking a flight, via text. If you are an e-commerce company, a company or a brand and you do not consider using bots as one of your strategies, you definitely need to rethink your strategy in order to be competitive in the market .

Here are some examples of Business ChatBots that are gaining ground:




KUDI is a ChatBot that allows you to pay bills and make transfers via e-mail. It currently exists in Facebook Messenger and will soon be available in Skype. It helps users to transfer money, to buy credit for their phone, to pay bills. More info:




Starbucks recently launched a ChatBot that is activated vocally. It allows customers to place orders while talking. The functionalities of this bot also allow to pay the orders. More information:

Currently, there are five big players in the bots market: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. ChatBots will soon be ubiquitous in our way of acting and communicating. This opens doors and many opportunities for developers in building ChatBots and aiding to the Bot Revolution on Messaging Applications.

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