7 Ways AI Voice Bots Can Transform Your Sales and Marketing


It’s hard to get prospects to listen to you, or even show up for a demo. There is a lot of busywork that goes into generating and converting a lead. Digital lead generation is quite different from the traditional ones. There are a lot more leads and a lot less time to convert them. There is a crying need for some level of automation in this area, and chatbots & AI voice bots are the best way to go about it right now.


AI Voicebots

Voice bots can take your sales game to the next level. Using Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational User Interface (CUI), voice bots can comprehend speech even in different dialects and converse with a person easily without having scripting restrictions. This way, they can assist in taking care of time-consuming tasks like scheduling, setting reminders, payment and even prospecting a potential lead on a call.


Here are 10 ways you can utilise a voice bot to assist in Sales and Marketing efforts:


  1. Prospect leads and schedule meetings

You can use a voice bot to carry out prospecting calls. It can even tell you who is ready for a demo and who needs a little more nurturing and convincing. All this can really help you in taking out time to work out 

  1. Appointment Confirmations/Reminders

You need to make your leads remember your company. While emailing can help with this, a real-time phone call leaves a better impression. Voice bots can implement calls as reminders and confirmations. There are no limits to the number of phone calls, meetings or reminders a voice bot can set and you can always know beforehand if your lead will show up.

  1. Reschedule Appointments

In case a lead is unable to show up for a meeting or a call, a voice bot can automatically reschedule the meeting to the next best time and intimate both parties of the same without any margin or error. This leaves you with instant rescheduling with minimal or even no input from your side

  1. Promote a new product

Voice bots have all the information about the leads and prospects saved in their database. They can use that info to automatically send out product launches or targeted promotions, making them a versatile automated marketing tool as well.

  1. Collections/Payments

When a prospect or a lead is converted to a client, voice bots can also help in assessing and relaying their payments. Many chatbots and voice bots can integrate payment portals within them that can assist in automatic instant money transfer in case of a conversion.

  1. Surveys and Customer Reviews

They can also help in sending out surveys to prospects or clients and even collect them back into a predefined document.

  1. Customer Support

One of the best uses of voice bots is as a customer support representative. They can help in analysing, segregating and ranking grievances or enquiries from customers and prospects. This helps companies keep their customer support active 24/7.

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