What Are The Best Tactics To Develop A ChatBot?

If you like keeping abreast of the latest technology trends and your business is growing, the notion of ChatBot or even Bot should not be unknown to you. Since the Bots’ arrival on Facebook and their growing popularity by Microsoft users, using Bots is no longer just a game, but has become an e-commerce technique enabling consumer engagement. However, a question comes up again and again – What are the best tactics for developing a ChatBot?

Here are some tips for successful Bot development:

Define the target:

First, you have to know and identify your audience. Does my community really need my Bot?

There are several types of Bots:

The game
A Bot for commercial purposes
The News Bot
The Utility Bot
The Bot of Consumer Assistance

It’s up to you to survey your community to understand what type of Bot it needs.

Identify the most appropriate situation:

The more technology has developed, the more companies have sought a way to limit human action. Today most Bot are used to simplify this action, and make automatic what can be.
Using Bots, productivity and performance can be increased. Their ability to speak and their artificial intelligence allow them to be better than the man who has to deal with several tasks at the same time, and to retain thousands of information. Bot is able to listen and understand the needs of the consumer, and to better refer them to their requests and the questions that arise.

Developing the right Bot:

There are a multitude of companies of creations of Bot, each having their specialty to offer you a Bot adapted. But we must first choose the framework of this one:

Facebook bot engine
Microsoft bot framework

To be perfectly adapted to the internal system:

An effective ChatBot must be able to ease the daily tasks of an employee. It must understand the internal logic of the company and must also be able to communicate the information of its results to the service concerned. The Bot must therefore be able to communicate in Trello and Slack language. And if it’s a commercial bot, brought to show the breadth of your product range, make sure to connect it to the updated database.

Natural Conversation:

Although the Bot does not replace a human conversation, it is necessary to make as much possible as possible that it is fluid and natural for the user. Bot must be able to understand the history of the conversation in order to provide a coherent and clear answer. It must also be able to start and conduct a conversation with the user.

Preparing for failure:

It is not possible to prepare a Bot to answer all the user’s questions. However, it is possible to prepare it for failure. The agency that will develop your Bot must be able to set up a backup plan, if your Bot is in an unknown case. It must be set up so that it can:

Return to previous step
Repeat the conversation

Request a reformulation to the user and clarification of the user’s comments allows, by keywords, for the Bot to resume the current request. If this is not the case and the reformulation fails, the dialog is saved in the Bot database in order to be one of the axes of improvements during the next Bot update. The data gathering during the dialogues (Facebook or email address) also allows to build statistics on Bot users.

ChatBots promise a faster and smarter online experience. Our new virtual assistants will always be ready, able to listen to our questions and respond intelligently.

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