Bots for Industrial Decisions

The Chatbot revolution is here and every day we see brands giant techs release information that makes the technology wiser and its use in business, industries, art and conversations.

Last year Microsoft launches the ‘Microsoft Bot Framework’, it was to encourage developers to create a conversational bot interface. They were designed to work on Skype and Slack and communicate with Microsoft’s assistant Cortana.

If you look at the possibility of using Chatbots, they are quite endless for the consumer market. You can book tickets, order food, clear your doubts instantaneously with a Chatbot. But the uses of it can span much larger on to industries as well as medical fields.

Recently, an article was published by MIT Technology review that talks about an American construction worker that works using an application that helps them review 3D models of architectural projects. During a review, he discovered that the steel frames that they had planned to order were too big to fit the design. Having gotten an overview with this they were able to save lots of money and time. This intelligent AI can help workers make many decisions.

Imagine a situation where a Bot can diagnose multiple people in a hospital with accuracy whereas the doctor has human disadvantages when it comes to time and being at one place at a time. With the increase in the technology the possibility of using Bots to our advantage will only increase!

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