Should a Chatbot Understand Human Sentiment?

Chatbots are now an important digital revolution and every day brands are jumping into the bandwagon to create a unique experience for its users. An important thing to note when you shift to Chatbots is the tone of voice. Interacting with a human is so much different that with a Chatbot and there are certain rules we have as a society.

As an example, let’s say a user is frustrated with a business and their delivery. The Chatbot starts off with, “Hello David, how may I help you today! :)” The customer expresses his issue with payment and registers his complaint. The tone of voice then for the Chatbot cannot be “Have a great day ahead Mr David! :)” The user may get more frustrated that he has not been shown any understanding. The Chatbot must switch to a more sensitive language. This is important not just for human responses but must be developed for Chatbots as well.

This can provide a much more genuine interaction with the user. The objective is to create a safe and trusted relationship with the Chatbot and user in order to establish effective communication. Failure to do so may result in the user becoming more angry than before and feel like the brand does not care to provide their apologies or sympathies for this negative experience. This can result in a poor impression of the brand.

Therefore, all Chatbots must improvise and change the tone of voice when necessary while interacting with users. A sentiment analysis can be done to determine the nature of the customer’s query and by default all complaints must be addressed with sensitivity and caution!

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