Chatbots for Retailers this Holiday Season

With retailers gearing up for the holiday season, many companies are operating on their maximum capacity. With a large number of customers purchasing and ordering goods, the scene is set for brands to try innovative ways to manage their orders. This could be a great time for  brands to give Chatbots a go to manage their high flow of messages.

Since Facebook announced Chatbots at their last F8 conference many brands are exploring this opportunity to connect with their customers in the comfort of their Instant Messaging Applications. For starters, their are multiple benefits to adopting a Chatbot given that the Chatbot has been developed well and updated regularly. A Chatbot can be used in multiple ways to automate the every day process and make it more streamlined for general efficiency. Another aspect of Chatbots are that they are instantaneous and easy to use for customers.

From ordering Christmas cakes to booking tickets for your getaway, Chatbots are the perfect assistants for managing customers and directing them to payment gateways. A great example of this is a popular beverage company launching an AI bartender Chatbot that offers users recipes and instructions to make new drinks this Christmas. Another new addition to the ways a Chatbot can enhance users shopping experience is an interactive personal assistant that helps you piece an outfit together for the holidays.

Here’s a list of Chatbots that could improve the shoppers experience during the holiday season:

A Chatbot Holiday Assistant

Still don’t know what to get your family or friends this Christmas? A Chatbot could ask you multiple questions about your family and suggest unique gifts for them this season. This could also be a great way for online shopping websites to save users the time of browsing through countless items and show them the content they may be more interested in. This could increase the website’s conversion rate as the items displayed would be the ones that are specifically tailored based on the user’s needs.

A Chatbot for Holiday Travel

With travel companies and airlines competing with each other on their pricing, a holiday Chatbot could list the perfect travel plan using different websites and search engines for the most accurate results. For example if the user is looking to book two tickets for New York, the Chatbot could suggest a flight plan, hotel plan and also events that the user can go to during their stay.

A Musical Chatbot

The holiday season is more cheerful with beautiful music. This Chatbot could play your most favourite holiday music at different times of the day to get you in the mood for the season. A user could customize their playlist using the Chatbot and play it on the go.

A Party Chatbot

A Chatbot that informs you of all the exciting Holiday parties happening in and around your location. This could be interesting for party goers looking for the next destination on New Years eve too.

While many companies are already utilising Chatbots effectively for this holiday season, with the trend of conversational user interfaces only increasing, we can expect 2017 to be a year of the Chatbot revolution.

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