Delivering Pizzas Through Facebook? 5 Interesting Examples of Brands Using Chatbots

As we establish the emerging buzzword for 2017 in the digital marketing world is undoubtedly ‘Chatbots’. Over the last quarter, we have witnessed many ways businesses are using Chatbots to interact with their audience in the most effective way. Here are some interesting examples of how brands are making use of this effective conversational user interface on Facebook.

1. Dom – A Chatbot that can deliver a pizza

As the name suggests this Chatbot is an automated ordering Bot from Domino’s. If you are in the mood for pizza all you have to do is message Dom, the pizza bot and connect your pizza account so it can know your specific preferences for your order. This is a great example of the efficiency of Chatbots and how they can make tasks much for user friendly for customers.

2. ReplyYes – A Chatbot that can help you buy music and concert tickets

ReplyYes enables artists that are partnered with Universal Music group to sell tickets, music and other merchandise directly from the Facebook Messenger to its fans. With a simple user interface, this app is an example of how Chatbots can cater to almost every industry and contribute to its success.

3. FRAnky – A Chabot that provides you flight information and updates

FRAnky is the Frankfurt Airport’s Chatbot that was introduced to help passengers with their questions,flight updates and offers information of airport restaurants, shops and facilities within the airport. This an example of the revolutionary technology that can eliminate users going to the help desk of the airport or searching for the information online. The specific information is contained in the Chabot and is easily accessible to passengers instantaneously.

4. Just Eat – A Chatbot that helps you decide what you should eat

The JustEat Chatbot chats with users and provides them some ideas on food choices depending on your current mood. The Chabot asks you questions and redirects you to a particular dish that you can eat if you feel indecisive. Chabots can be a great customer service tool that helps brands keep track of their user behaviour.

5. SnapTravel – A Chatbot to book a hotel or travel recommendations

SnapTravel helps users find a hotel according to their budget and specifications on Experdia, Priceline and more than 100 other websites. The Chatbot asks the user questions about their travel dates and makes meaningful recommendations based on these dates. The Chatbot also provides users the opportunity to chat with human agents to take it a step further.

There are numerous examples on how Chatbots can be the tools for success in a business and as days go by more marketers are opting for Chatbots to leverage their business and get an edge over their competitors.

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