The Invasion of Chatbots in Human Resources

There is a good chance that on your next hiring you will receive your initial information about payroll, leave, expenses and other HR issues by a chatbot and not by the HR team.The underlying reason for this change is that chatbots are becoming popular in human resources and are replacing humans. Ironic, isn’t it?

Discussion bots are the future of the Internet. If you’ve ever liked R2-D2 or if you’ve had your own Star Wars C-3PO, your dreams are not too advanced. Discussion bots, however, have had a difficult start but they are extremely popular in the world of human resources. Millions of workers already interact with chatbots such as Slack or Hip Chat.

This makes internal communications between employees faster, easier and saves money. The chatbots can be of different type, they can be simple or sophisticated, they become extremely popular by performing mundane tasks, which makes a difference in terms of economy and human resources for businesses. The future of human resources is evolving towards chatbots. Let’s see how chatbots are conquering human resources.

Chatbots can help employees solve their human resource problems. If you have already used a chatbot, you know you can send him a message and get an appropriate response right away.

Today, we depend heavily on our smartphones, we do a lot of things from the smartphones, and we stay connected 24/7. Chatbots can be useful and help employees who work remotely and who can not directly access human resources. They make communication faster and easier, no doubt.

Providing quick, personalized responses

Jobseekers and employees both have limited time when they are looking for answers. The potential candidate needs instant answers to questions about the company and the chatbots can easily provide them with confidence. With recent advances in technology, chatbots can provide fast, customized answers to all your problems.

Annual Performance Review

Annual performance reviews seem to be the most important but also the most difficult part for human resources managers. This process requires a lot of time as companies spend months performing exams for each employee. All employees are required to complete questionnaires, surveys and forms at the end of the year. In addition, an organization’s productivity slows down as the labor force is busy completing questionnaires rather than focusing on tasks. However, with the help of chatbots, these problems can be solved in no time. The use of HR bots helps to accumulate accurate employee data. This saves time and increases productivity.

Human resources teams usually send a massive amount of information overwhelming. Due to the workload, employees usually forget to answer important questions that are needed in the future. Instead of remembering all at once, a human resources chatbot can answer questions in real time, resulting in faster decision-making for employees.

There are obviously questions that the robot will not be able to process instantly. However, HR bots are trained to answer common questions such as “When will we get paid? “. This feature helps the HR team work on more urgent and strategic issues.

Collect employee data to create more efficient processes

Chatbots collect real-time data to see what types of questions employees frequently ask. By collecting the frequently asked question, HR can determine what is wrong and solve the problem before things get worse. Human resources teams can use employee data to analyze feelings in order to get an idea of ​​the employee satisfaction rate, for example.

Human resources can collect data via chatbots by asking for small information in order to fill out employee forms rather than giving it to the employee. A chatbot can ask questions on a daily basis and can be completed within one month.

The verdict

We can all agree that chatbots are very useful. However, they are not as smart as we would like them to be and it is not a shame as they are still new and can always be modified with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Nevertheless, the use of chatbots is easy and economical. If they reach their potential, they can be very effective in the area of human resources as well as in other areas.

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