Medical Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry


“The global chatbot market is expected to reach USD 1.25 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Most companies prefer in-built chatbots on their websites as they facilitate enterprises in providing instant customer interaction.”



The healthcare industry is massive in scale and encompasses all kinds of requirements, whether they be procurement, marketing, asset management, patient experience, etc.

  • According to this Deloitte report, the healthcare industry will likely reach $10.059 trillion in 2022.

An industry of such scale has a lot of moving parts and comes with its own set of issues and challenges like:

  • Shortage of skilled manpower
  • Rising pharmacy costs
  • Massive amount of stored data but no analytics for it
  • Patient experience needs improvement
  • Inefficient internal processes




The growth potential of AI in healthcare becomes clear from the following statistics:

The above statistics along with the fact that some of the major players like IBM, Google, SAP, Microsoft, Medtronic, Apple and NVIDIA are dabbling in this space should be proof enough that the healthcare AI field is huge and will only accelerate in growth.




Much like any other chatbot, a medical chatbot uses a messenger chat feature to interact with patients and/or medical professionals and makes their experience better. 

For patients, a medical chatbot can be a way of interacting with the hospital from the inside or the outside. They can get access to private information like their reports, invoices, etc. very easily through the chatbot, making that experience more manageable. 

For medical professionals, a chatbot can be an intranet; a way for them to interact with other doctors, keep themselves informed of the events in the hospital, and even check on their patients.




  • Patients can get instant access to Information and knowledge about their doctors, medicines and the hospital itself. This helps build trust with the patient so they feel comfortable.
  • Healthcare chatbots can tend to queries and requests from patients round the clock.
  • Medical chatbots can gather feedback from patients, doctors, workers, next of kin, etc. and store everything in an organised database.
  • They are very convenient to set up quick appointments with the doctor of your choice.


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