Men Vs. Women: Who Engages More With Chatbots ?

In order to be informed before you start creating a chatbot, it is important to know a little more about the profile and practices of the users of this tool! Let’s take a look at the different relationships between chatbots and men vs. chatbots and women.

Who uses Chatbots the most?

On average, 63% of the users of chatbots are men and 28% are women with 9% still unknown or undetected. Men tend to be more engaged than women in terms of sessions per user per month. On an average, they have about 50% more sessions. However, women write more messages per session, about 12% more messages per session.

The Usage of Bots

Regarding the number of bots used by men and women, the majority use only one bot. 14% of men use more than one bots compared to 10.6% women.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

By looking at the images sent to bots on Facebook Messenger, we can see a prominent difference between men and women.

Using the Amazon API to detect these images we can see that both men and women send selfies to the bots. Women tend to send a little more than men. The keywords “person”, “human” and “portrait” appear in the selfies which seems logical. Men take a magnitude of photos of cars, motorcycles and the keyword “car” returns regularly.

Another element that we can see by studying the images sent to Chatbots is people tend to send the Chatbot risqué photos. Men and women been sending these images to bots to see how the latter react. About 90% of these photos sent to Chatbots come from men.

Fortunately, the total percentage of sending these kind of pictures is low with only 2.5% of the images sent and only 6% of the chatbots are concerned by this kind of images. What is interesting is that even if the percentage of users performing this kind of practices is relatively low, when someone sends compromising photos, they send a lot! On average, the same image is sent 5 times, compared to only once for a normal picture. In fact, users can even send the same image more than a hundred times! Apparently, when you enjoy sending compromising photos, you cannot stop!

How do we like bots?

It’s time to see how men and women perceive Chatbots. On average, for each bot, the feelings experienced by men and women are almost similar, that is, they feel the same (whether positive or negative) sentiment while speaking to a chatbot.

For example, during the Valentine’s Day, when love was in the air, it was found that many users expressed their love to the Chatbots they use. This phenomenon has been noticeable in more women than men!

Depending on the target of your market, it is important to know their behaviors in a dialogue with a chatbot and these investigations prove that the bot must be trained in order to address the users in the right way. However, it is also essential to prepare your chatbots to react to comical situations such as sending particular photos and love notes!

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