A Software Company vs. A Chatbot Agency – What Should you Choose for your Chatbot?

Since Facebook announced Chabots at the F8 conference last year, many brands have opted to introduce Chatbots on their Instant Messaging Apps. Chatbots are much more than automated responses, they are conversational interfaces that can be used to connect with the brand’s audience in the most efficient way.

With the rise in tech giants using innovative ways to interact with information, many businesses are considering the idea of teaming up with software companies to create Chatbots. However, they often face limitations due to the scope of the Chatbot being much more than a software. This is where, a dedicated Chatbot agency is more equipped to handle the intricacies of creating a Chatbot.

Let us explain why:  A Chatbot is nothing without the essence and personality along with what it conveys to the audience. A Chatbot is not merely a software but an efficient tool by which a brand can leverage its business and improve its conversation with loyal fans and potential customers. Every word and personality must be customized to suit the voice of the brand and generalized for every brand. Therefore, it is extremely essential to understand the digital space and more importantly the social strategy of the business before creating a Chatbot. The Chatbot must be technically sound while ensuring it is able to build a loyal relationship with its users while providing them a sense of satisfaction and connection with the brand.

Conversation blocks occur when the Chatbot is unable to process the user’s replies, these can only be understood with a deeper knowledge of user behaviour and habits on the platform which a software company may be ill-equipped to deal with.

A dedicated Chatbot Agency, therefore provides the business with reliable technical support with a core focus of personalisation in the Chatbot on the social sphere. While there are multiple ways how companies can adopt Chatbots in the most effective way, there is no denying the fact that 2017 is the year of Chatbots!



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