Steps To Creating An E-Commerce Chatbot

Have you ever talked to a chatbot without getting the appropriate answer?

In this article, we will give you some guidelines that you can follow when creating your chatbot. This will help your customers keep their cool if the Chatbot doesn’t understand what the users are saying.  When you create your chatbot, you need to know your customers. Is your core customer a 50-year-old woman who does not use the new technology so much? Ok, in this case your bot must also be 50 years old.

A good menu = a happy customer

When your customer starts chatting with your e-commerce chatbot, it’s because he is interested in your products. To help a client avoid getting stuck in a conversation with your chatbot, your persistent menu needs to be well thought out.

Having things like “Categories”, “Opening Hours” and “Getting to the Site” will definitely help your customer find what he or she is looking for. You might think that “Going to the site” is weird, but you have to accept that your chatbot is not perfect, it does not understand everything and can hang. The redirection of your customer on your website can therefore be a good way to display your products, for example.

Today’s chatbots are not human

Your chatbot will never be human, or at least for now. The experience of users improves over time and the technology of the bots never ceases to exceed to understand the human language. When your robot does not understand something, it should respond with something like “I did not understand what you’re saying. Do not hesitate to visit our website or if you want to chat with a real person, I can easily do it “.

Answering something like “ok” when your chatbot does not understand is to be avoided, this will be experienced as a bad experience for the client.

Today, you should always compare your chatbot to a machine that can only follow a set of rules. It can not be human, so do not try to make it human. In the beginning, your robot may not understand a few simple conversations, you have to train your bot and develop it, it is the best technology to understand your customers.

Creating a good chatbot is not easy! But the teams at Oh my Bot! are always here to help you!

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