The Use of Chatbots in Meetings and Special Events

Let’s face it, like them or hate them, Chatbots are an important force in the digital marketing era. It is fascinating to see how different markets are using these to their advantage to make the customer experience much more effective and fruitful for both parties.

Imagine a scenario of a tech event. The event has multiple speakers multiple activities scheduled and different groups of people attending the event. Now imagine, the amount of queries that the front desk would get to the days leading up to the event. Chaos is probably a word that would best describe this situation. Instead, now we actually have a solution. Chatbots can be extremely effective in providing this information to users who are confused or unsure of certain details of an event.

An example of this is, South by Southwest’s bot “Abby” answered more than 56,000 questions asked by the attendees at the SXSW Go event app. This shows you what a Chatbot can do in this area of clean communication with the attendees. Multiple answers are provided instantaneously with no wait time, and the Chatbot can talk to hundreds of attendees at the same time. The investment to build this Chatbot will be extremely fruitful if you take these aspects into consideration.

This is true, not just for huge events where a Chatbot can seamlessly manage human interactions and queries, but also for daily life in meetings at the workplace. Chatbots can easily set calendars and dates with your employees even block meeting rooms and give you an insight into your colleague’s calendar instantly without having to manually check it. A simple question like, ‘Is Susan’s calendar free on 15th Sep 5 pm for 30 mins’ may prompt the Chatbot to respond with yes or no and suggest a next best time for your consideration.

Menial daily work tasks can be handled by the Chatbot which can cause productivity to increase in terms of scheduling meetings and pushing them if one or the other is unavailable. There is no arguing the Chatbots are here to stay. Only time will tell how brands adopt this in their business in the most effective manner.



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