Voice Bots in the Customer Service Arena

There are certain traits of a good customer service process that all customers have come to expect in the last decade. These traits are:

  1. Instant response – A lot of customers believe that waiting times on phones and chat are too long.
  2. Autonomy – A lot of customers would look for answers by searching for it themselves rather than contact customer services.

A chatbot does both of those things. It reduces wait times by keeping people engaged with relevant questions and it lets people choose how they want to proceed with their search for information.

But with the rise of advanced speech recognition technology, it is a safe bet that voice bots will become the frontier of customer self-service.


What are Voice Bots?

A voice bot is a conversational agent which is trained to respond to customers via speech. Obviously, the customer also has to speak for this, making this approach a customer-friendly one.

If a voice bot is unable to answer any question, it can automatically transfer the call to a human agent for support.


Why are Brands Creating a Fuss About It?

  • The use of voice bots can increase with increased interest in connected devices.

  • Voice bots are primarily driven by a younger generation of users.

  • The entire SEO scene will be transformed if voice bots become the new normal.


Advantages of Voice Bots in Customer Service

  1. Higher customer satisfaction
  2. Available anytime, anywhere, 24×7
  3. Better personalisation with the customer
  4. Know when to shift to a human agent
  5. Highly reduce the contact rate of any communication

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