3 Steps To Create The Perfect Government Chatbot

Chatbots are slowly taking over every aspect of a business, right from customer service to marketing. Their efficiency and usefulness have been proved time and again. We see that even Government organisations are starting to understand the benefits of having a chatbot incorporated into their activities. But developing a bot for a government organisation poses a lot more risks. Here are some steps to consider to ensure you don’t make any errors –

  • Ability To Handle Complex Conversations

Chatbot agencies must ensure that the bots are built to support complicated conversations and provide them access to data repositories that can help them solve the user query (ex- calculating social security benefits). Your bot is of no help if it does not have the right access to resources to help citizens with their day-to-day concerns.

  • Smooth Conversational Experience

Just as it is important to make sure your bot is smart and has access to the right data, it is also equally important that there is a smooth cross channel integration. Yes, a bot cannot provide all the answers, but it must be well connected to direct the user to the right channels without causing any confusion. This will help end users get the same information from chatbots as they do from more traditional channels like web and mobile.

  • A Bot That Can Explain Itself

We’ve now created a smart bot seeped with the right information, the next step is to ensure that the users can easily understand what the bot is trying to communicate. Step away from technical jargons and complicated words. The goal is to simplify things for the user and not complicate it further. Agencies need to be prepared and choose a chatbot platform that can easily explain its decisions in clear and understandable language. This will help build the authenticity of the bot and increase the public trust.

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