Chatbots Vs Live Chat – Who Will Win The Battle?

We’re all familiar with the word artificial intelligence which has given birth to “Chatbots”. Chatbots are softwares that can have textual conversations with humans. Companies have been betting big on bots ever since its launch. Tech giants spent approximately $30 billion on AI in 2016.

But simultaneously, people have been all praise for live chats. So the question is, which is the better one? Both of these systems have their pros and cons. Let’s go into detail for that.


The biggest advantage of the chatbot is that it is instant and is available 24×7. People want responses immediately and they don’t want to wait for answers. It is also quite economical for business owners as they need not pump up too much money into creating chatbots. Due to developments in technology, there are easy softwares available to create chatbots. It also eliminates the need for having a human representative, thus, reducing cost. The human interference can be utilised for more important activities than for addressing menial queries.

But there is a downside to chatbots too. There is a limit to the kind of queries they can answer. The more complex the query, the more difficult for the bot to give an accurate answer. It’s not impossible but it does involve a lot of money and work on the bot. Whereas, live chat can help eliminate this problem.

Live Chat

Live Chat has been gaining popularity amongst businesses too. It eliminates the problem of waiting time and provides users with instant replies. Unlike chatbots, live chats are handled by actual human beings, so they have the ability to answer complex questions that a bot might not be able to answer. But the question comes to the availability of the service. Can the live chat service be made available 24×7? And if it is made available, then more employees have to hired for this job, which only increase the cost to the company.

As mentioned above, the battle between these 2 cannot declare a clear winner. It depends upon the goals, objectives and problem areas. And these criteria may differ from company to company. It’s about studying both these features and knowing your needs to find the perfect solution. The solution might even be a combination of chatbot and live chat.

Have you incorporated a live chat feature or a chatbot for your business? Let us know your story in the comments below.

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