Things To Consider Before Branding Your Chatbot

Chatbots are very efficient when it comes to solving problems for a business. There is a huge influx of chatbots by different brands and companies, there arises a need to ensure that your bot stands out. Branding your chatbot can help tackle this problem. By creating a separate identity for your bot, you can ensure better recall value by its users.

Although, branding is an important step towards creating a successful chatbot, here are some factors that you have a consider before creating branding your business chatbot –

Setting a realistic goal

It is true that technology has come a long way and almost anything is achievable with the help of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants. But, creating a bot that can perform multiple activities takes time and you might end up losing the focus on why the bot was created in the first place. For this reason,the bot must have a clear, achievable goal that it can perform perfectly every single time.

Chatbot should align with your brand

It is important to develop a bot whose persona is aligned with your brand and its values. If your bot is entirely different from your brand, the result will be unfavourable for your business.Make sure your bot is consistent with the overall brand experience your customers are already aware of.

Chatbot must be relatable to your target audience

The personality of your bot must be in sync with your target demographic. Let’s say you are cool e-commerce clothing brand for young women, then your bot must be funny and quirky and full of life. It must be like a best friend you go shopping with. But if your bot is formal and to the point, the users cannot relate to your bot.

Do you have any other factors that can affect the branding of your bot? Let us know in the comments below!

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